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The Fifth Series of rebooted Doctor Who marked the beginning of Steven Moffat's tenure of showrunner. Spanning from the 3rd of April to the 26th of June 2010, Series Five introduced Matt Smith and Karen Gillian as The Doctor and Amy Pond, this was the first series to have no involvement from Russel T Davies. The series was effectively a restart, with the viewer require no prior knowledge of the show. The series set up many plot threads, including the "Silence Will Fall" arc, which wouldn't be concluded until Smiths last episodes. 

The series received highly positive reviews from critics and fans alike. Citing Smith and Karen's acting, Moffat's writing and fresh take on the show as the reasons. However critics were less positive about the Dalek reboot which was ultimatley erased from the show.

Main Cast  Edit

  • Matt Smith - The Eleventh Doctor (13/13)
  • Karen Gillan - Amy Pond (13/13)

Recurring Cast Edit

  • Arthur Darvill - Rory Williams (7/13) 
  • Alex Kingston - River Song (4/13)


  • Executive producer(s) - Steven Moffat, Piers Wenger, Beth Willis 
  • Writers - Gareth Roberts, Simon Nye, Steven Moffat, Toby Whithouse, Richard Curtis, Chris Chibnall, Mark Gatiss 
  • Directors - Adam Smith, Andrew Gunn, Ashley Way, Jonny Campbell, Toby Haynes, Catherine Morshead 
  • Composer - Murray Gold 

Episode List - (2010) Edit

Story No. Series No. Title Written by Directed by Broadcast Date Viewing Figures (m)
203 5.01 "The Eleventh Hour" Steven Moffat Adam Smith 10.81

A newly regenerated Doctor is pushed into the action and finds help in Amy Pond, how long left has the Doctor till the Atrxai destroys Earth and captures prioner Zero, it has one message for the Doctor "The Pandorica will open... Silence will fall." 

204 5.02 "The Beast Below" Steven Moffat 8.47
The Doctor takes Amy to the future, where the whole of England is on a space ship and a horride secret that could destroy England.
205 5.03 "Victory of the Doctor" Mark Gatiss 7.82
The Doctor is summond to the blitz by and old friend and is shocked when the Daleks are waiting for him.
206a 5.04 "Time of the Angles" (Part One) Steven Moffat 8.59
The Doctor with Amy and River Song find the last of the Angles in a crashed space ship.
206b 5.05 "Flesh and Stone" (Part Two) Steven Moffat 8.49
The Doctor and co are hunted by the Angles through the maze of the dead.
207 5.06

"Vampires of Venice"

Toby Whithouse 7.68

Strange things are going on at Rosanna Calvierri School. Terror on the streets, 16th centry Venice is not how it should be... 

  • Rory joins the Doctor and Amy.
208 5.07 "Amy's Choice" Simon Nye 7.54
Two realities one real and the other fake. The Tardis heading towards a frezzings star, in the village of Leadworth the old people are ready to destroy the human race. The Doctor, Amy and Rory have a decison to make, which world do they want?
209a 5.08 "The Hungry Earth" Chris Chibnall 6.49
In 2020 a drilling project is going deeper than ever before into the Earth's crust, but the Earth is fighting back.
209b 5.09 "Cold Blood" Chris Chibnall 7.48
As a histortic day arrives a terrible decison could mean a begining of a war between the Humans and the Silurains. While the Doctor learns something terrifying about the mysterious crack.
210  5.10 "Vincent and the Doctor" Richard Curtis 6.76
Amy Pond meets Vincent Van Gogh- saving the world has never been so ginger and terrifing.
211 5.11 "The Lodger" Gareth Roberts 6.44
The Doctor must solve the mystery of stairs that people go up but never go down before Amy is lost in the time vortex for eternity.
212a 5.12 "The Pandorica Opens" Steven Moffat 7.57
The Doctors friends unite to send him a warning "The Pandorica is opening".
212b 5.13 "The Big Bang" Steven Moffat 6.69
With all of reality collapsing, the universes last hope is a girl who believes in stars.

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