The First Series of revived Doctor Who was broadcast from the 26th March 2005. The new series was announced on the 26th September 2003 with Russel T Davies as showrunner. Christopher Eccleston and Bille Piper were cast as the Ninth Doctor and his companion Rose Tyler.

'Rose' marked the first time Doctor Who returned to TV in a episodic format in 16 years. Although a continuation of the original series the show was marketed and produced as Series One but some fans refer to it as Season 27. Series One contained 13 episodes which became the template for the series to come.

The new series was a success with an average of 7.95 million watching the first series.

Main Cast Edit

  • Christopher Eccleston - The Ninth Doctor (13/13) 
  • Bille Piper - Rose Tyler (13/13)

Recurring Cast  Edit

  • Noel Clarke - Mickey Smith (6/13)  
  • Camille Coduri - Jackie Tyler (5/13)
  • John Barrowman - Captain Jack Harkness (5/13)
  • Bruno Langley - Adam Mitchell (2/13) 

Crew Edit

  • Executive Producer(s) - Russel T Davies, Julie Gardener, Mal Young
  • Producer - Phil Collinson 
  • Writers - Russel T Davies, Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, Robert Shearman, Paul Cornell
  • Director(s) - Keith Boak, Euros Lyn, Joe Ahearne, Brian Grant, James Hawes, Joe Ahearne
  • Composer - Murray Gold

Episode List - Series One (2005)  Edit

Series One starts the adventures of the Doctor and Rose. Rose Tyler is a 19 year old Londoner who has an ordinary life, until she meets the Doctor. A time travelling alien from outerspace, who rights wrongs and fights creatures with evil intent with The Tardis, his time machine. Through the course of the series it is revealed that the Doctor's home world has been destroyed in the devastating Time War. Rose has a turbulent time adjusting to the dangerous life style the Doctor has given her and dealing with her family back home. During the course of the series The Doctor and Rose meet Charles Dickens, watch the Earth burn, discover what lurks in a millionares vault and get tangled in deadly reality TV games. 

Story No. Series No.  Title Written by Directed by Broadcast Date

Viewing Figures (m)

157 1.01 "Rose"  Russel T Davies  Keith Boak 26 March 2005 10.81
Rose Tyler has a dead end job and a boring life, until she meets the Doctor that is. Soon she is exposed to a life of danger and excitment with living plastic about to take over the planet. The Doctor, an alien time traveler from a long dead race called Timelords has a plan to stop the end of humanity. Rose joins him opening the door to the universe.
158 1.02 "The End of the World"  Russel T Davies  Euros Lyn 2 April 2005 7.97
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The Doctor takes his new companion Rose Tyler on her first trip through time and space in the TARDIS to the year five billion where many rich alien delegates have gathered on a space station called Platform One to watch the Sun expand and destroy the Earth, but one of these guests is plotting to profit from the event by killing them all.
159 1.03 "The Unquiet Dead" Mark Gatiss Euros Lyn 9 April 2005 8.86
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The Doctor and Rose travel to Victorian Cardiff in 1869 where there have been sightings of the dead walking. The Doctor and Rose team up with Charles Dickens to investigate Mr Sneed, a man who runs a funeral parlor where it seems that corpses have come to life. The gaseous Gelth have entered Cardiff through a Rift and wish to survive by taking over the corpses.
160a 1.04 "Aliens of London" (Part 1) Russel T Davies  Keith Boak 16 April 2005 7.63
Aliens of London (3)
The Doctor takes Rose Tyler back to the morning after she left with him in the Tardis, or so he thought. When Rose visits her mum she realises that she has been gone for a whole year. While Rose deals with the consequences of vanishing, a spaceship crashes into the River Thames, triggering a worldwide state of alert. 
160b 1.05 "World War Three" (Part 2) Russel T Davies  Keith Boak 23 April 2005 7.98

The Doctor and Rose Tyler team up with Rose's boyfriend Mickey, her mother Jackie and Member of Parliament Harriet Jones to foil the plan of the alien Slitheen family from selling the Earth for commercial purposes. The Slitheen, who have invaded 10 Downing Street, plan to get the United Nations to release nuclear activation codes so they can trigger World War III on Earth.

161 1.06 "Dalek" Robert Shearmen  Joe Ahearen 30 April 2005 8.63

The Doctor and Rose follow a signal which leads them to Utah in the year 2012, in a underground bunker where millions of ailen artifacts are keep by million Henry Van Statten. The Doctor is shocked to discover that his one living possession is the, thought to be extinct, Dalek.

162 1.07 "The Long Game"  Russel T Davies  Brian Grant 7 May 2005 8.01
Doctor and Rose 4Captured, The Long Game
The Doctor and his companion Rose Tyler, recently joined by near-future genius Adam Mitchell, land on Satellite 5 in the far future. Satellite 5 is a space station that broadcasts news across the entire human empire. However, the Doctor notices that the station is suspicious; those who are promoted to Floor 500 seem to disappear. An alien hidden in the system has been controlling the humanity by influencing the press. 
163 1.08 "Father's Day" Paul Cornell Joe Ahearen 14 May 2005 8.06
Reaper (1)
The Doctor and Rose visit 1987 and the scene of her fathers death. Rose interferes with events in history and time is damaged, releasing the deadly reapers on the world and this time even the Doctor is powerless. 
164a 1.09 "The Empty Child" Part 1 Steven Moffat    James Hawes 7.11 21 May 2005
The Doctor and Rose chase a space ambulance to Earth during WW2, they find themselves in London, 1941. Rose is seperated and meets Captain Jack Hartness, a time agent from the future. While the Doctor investigates a boy who terrorises the streets of the city.
164b 1.10 "The Doctor Dances" Part 2 Steven Moffat    James Hawes 6.86 28 May 2005
The Doctor and Rose form an allience with Jack while London is taken over by the mysterious condition. Unless the truth is told the shape of humanity will change forever.
165 1.11 "Boom Town" Russel T Davies  Joe Ahearen 7.68 4 June 2005
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The Tardis crew take a holiday but the Doctor encounters an enermy he thought was long since dead. A plan to build a nuclear power station in Cardiff disguises an alien plot to destroy the planet and get the last Slitheen back home.
166 1.12 "Bad Wolf" Part 1 Russel T Davies  Joe Ahearen 6.81 11 June 2005
The Doctor, Rose and Jack have to fight for their lives on the Game Station. But a far worse danger is hidden in the shadows as armagedon approches.
167 1.13 "Parting of the Ways" Part 2 Russel T Davies  Joe Ahearen 6.91 18 June 2005
The Parting of the Ways (16)
The end of Earth is near as the Game Station is infultrated by the Daleks. The Doctors life is ending but he must save one more life before his is no more.