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Rose Tyler
Portrayed by: Billie Piper
First Appearance: Rose (2005)
Last Appearance:

The End of Time (2009)   

Episode Count:  31
Affiliated with: The Ninth Doctor, The Tenth Doctor
Species: Human
Status: Alive

Rose Tyler is a fictional character in 'Doctor Who' played by Billie Piper. Appearing regularly from 2005 to 2006, Rose Tyler was the first companion in the revival and was created by Russel T Davies. The character is famous for her emotional attachment to the Tenth Doctor and her departure in 'Doomsday' (2006). She went on to return to the series in the Series 4 finale, 'The End of Time' and the 50th Anniversary Special, 'The Day of the Doctor' in 2013. 

Early Life Edit

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Rose Tyler was born to Jackie and Pete Tyler around 1986. Her father died due to a hit and run later that year. ('Father's Day')

Rose left school due to her boyfirend after GCSE's. ('Rose') 

When Rose was in her late teens she and her mother, Jackie, were living in the Powell Estate in South London. Rose worked as a shop assistant at Henrik's Department Store. ('Rose')

She entered into a relationship with Mickey Smith some time before 2005. ('Rose')

Meeting the DoctorEdit

Series 1, Episode 1: "Rose" Edit

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Separation Edit

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